The Role of a Professional DJ  

By Bob Romeo w/edits by Sound Entertainemt


As with every radio show or TV show, each event is carefully written and produced ahead of time.  In a wedding or private event, a professional DJ takes on the same role to prep for the event based on information received from the client.  Proper planning and having a pre-written itinerary makes for a much smoother more elegant event.  Sound Entertainment accomplishes this with our Wedding Planning that is sent our with every wedding contract.  This allows the bride and groom to provide information to us to plan and design each aspect of the reception. 

Event Planner:

An experienced DJ also takes on the role of an event planner.  Sound Entertainment can help in the preparation of making the event the best it can be.  From advising the client on the proper position and set-up of the dance floor to advise on seating arrangements for the guest. 

Layout planner:

Some venues are just not suitable for certain types of events.  A skilled and experienced company, Sound Entertainment, we can assist in laying out the room that would best suit your specific event while not compromising the quality of the entertainment. 

Production manager:

Once the event has gotten underway, it has to be managed.  Any event no matter if it’s a wedding or private event, is constantly changing.  Ie. Dinner being delayed, or sudden changes in the itinerary.  A skilled experienced DJ will be able to make the event flow smoothly. 

Master of ceremonies:

One of the most important thing that Sound Entertainment does is to be able to speak in front of large groups of people.  This one aspect alone is a skill all in itself.  Most people would rather go to the dentist than to speak in front of a large group of people.  To be able to do this, and make it look easy, is only mastered by top professionals. 

Party motivator:

A true talent is to be able t motivate people.  Sound Entertainment’s DJs are skilled in our ability to convey energy, talent and charismas to our audience.  Truly, what is celebration of no one has fun? 

Event Coordinator:

Similar by every different to a production manager, an event coordinator will constantly be in contact with the photographer, videographer and location manger to insure that all the details that have been pre-arraigned are executed and that all parties involved are present.  To give you an example of this, can you imagine if the DJ announces that “it’s time to cut the cake” and the photographer or parents are not in the room at the time?  That event, in the client’s eyes,  is now ruined.  And there is nothing that anyone can do to recoup from that mistake. 

Event analyst:

Every event is different.  Different people, different musical tastes, different demographics.  The skilled DJ is able to read his audience and play accordingly based on the energy at that given time.  Most importantly, we must be able to constantly the development of the event and make any changes in the programming on a moments notice. 

Light technician:

When applicable the DJ also acts a lighting technician.  Although most lights on the market today automatically sync to the beat of the music, they also have the capabilities to do very unique “light show’s” which can be pre-programmed based on the event.  A skilled experienced DJ will know what lights to use to set the mood for a more romantic feel and what lights to use for create more energy in the room. 

Sound Technician:

Every venue is different.  The quality of the music depends greatly on the size and layout of each room.  High ceilings for instance create bad echo’s that could severely hamper the quality of your event.  A prominent DJ will be able to adapt to that kind of situation with proper placement of speakers to diffuse audio abnormalities. 


It’s inevitable.  A problem with a speaker or some piece of equipment can and will occur.  Most DJ’s that have years of experience will be able to quickly identify the normal problems such as a loose connection and fix them immediately. 

Music aficionado:

One of the most important factors of what Sound Entertainment does is to know music.  What to play and when to play it.  Just because someone says that they have 20,000 songs in their music library does not mean they know the right order to play music or how to continue to build and manipulate and work the dance floor.  Remember in a four hour period of time only about 100 songs can be played.  The most important aspect of knowing music and reading the dance floor is to know what it is going to take to keep everyone motivated.  You want your DJ to keep everyone energized and to continue that course throughout the event. 

Event consultant:

Let’s face it.  Planning any type of event can be stressful.  By utilizing someone that is skilled at running a party, could help greatly reduce the stress involved which in turn will help you enjoy the experiences much more. 

Maitre D: 

A DJ that will be noticed as a true professional will help in getting people seated at their proper tables AND be the person to release tables for dinner in situations where for instance the dinner would be buffet style.   He also may go from table to table to introduce himself and interact with your guest on a more personal nature. 

As you can see, the role of a Professional DJ is a lot more than just coming to your event to play music.  He or she is the one that will be noticed the most throughout the event and will be the one person that most if not all of the guest will remember for years to come after the event.


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