Hiring a DJ? 10 quick questions!!!


A professional disc jockey will welcome any opportunity to help educate you on your options for entertainment. You are the customer and Sound Entertainment wants to help in any way that we can in your selection process.

Hiring a professional disc jockey is the best way to meet your's and your guest musical interests.   One of the main reasons is because of a DJ's flexibility with the various styles of music.  A Professional DJ/Entertainer should be able to use all kinds of music to keep the energy flowing on the dance floor.  It can be difficult to distinguish between the amateur and a professional (until the night of your reception) if you do not ask some point blank questions about them and their service. You want someone with the adequate sound and lighting equipment along with experience. Here are some questions to consider and some good questions to ask.  Please use these questions as a bases for additional questions that might come to mind.

1. Will they entertain, have games or just play music?

 2. Will they play what you like or what your guest like?

 3. Will they take requests from your guests at the party?

 4. Do they have a variety of music styles to choice from, especially what you like?

 5. Do they own professional equipment or a home stereo? Will their system provide sound for the size of room that the event will be held in?

6. How will they dress? A tux, Suit or do they dress Casual?

7. How much experience do they have performing as a wedding disc jockey? Are they familiar with the necessary traditions, procedures and etiquette for a wedding reception?

 8. Do they have a light show as part of their setup or do they just provide a sound system?  Can they describe it for you?

 9. Do they require a deposit and how much? What method of payment do they accept and when would the balance be due?

10. Do they have a contract? A contract helps confirm all of the details of your event.  You need something in writing stating these facts.

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