Wedding Ceremony Planner

It's YOUR day! Make any changes you wish!

Feel free to print this as a worksheet.

I. Pre-Ceremony

1. Background Music
a. Typical: Classical and Light Jazz (Kenny G. etc)
b. Optional:__________________________________________________

2. Seating of Mothers
a. Typical: Forever in Love (Kenny G)
b. Traditional: Air on G String (Bach)
c. Optional:_________________________________________________

3. Entrance of Groom
a. Typical: Silent
b. Optional:_________________________________________________

4. Entrance of Bridesmaids
a. Typical: Trumpet Voluntary (Purcells)
b. Optional:_________________________________________________

5. Brides Entrance
a. Typical: Wedding Processional (Traditional)
b. Typical: Canon in D (Pachelbel)
c. Optional:________________________________________________

II. Wedding Ceremony

6. Lighting of the Unity Candle
a. Optional:_________________________________________________
b. Special Music:____________________________________________
7. Couples Exit
a. Typical: Wedding Recessional (Traditional)
b. Optional:_________________________________________________

Special Instructions:





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