Office Party Tips


Some office party suggestions:

The infamous office party is often viewed with impending doom. It's reputation often precedes itself and has resulted in the end of many a career. How can the trappings of the evil office party be avoided? Here are some party planning and etiquette tips that hopefully will help you survive.

* Set a date and time for the office party that is convenient for all involved. Try not to make it on a date when there is other important business commitments.

* Select an alternative location for the party if it is decided not to have the party at the office.

* Determine how the office party will be financed and/or sponsored.

* Choose a party theme. This can be helpful in deciding food choices and atmosphere.

* Send out a memo at least three weeks in advance. If the party is being held away from the office, send out invitations at least three weeks in advance. Make sure a RSVP date is included on the invitation.

* Plan some activities for the party (e.g. games, entertainment, gift giving, etc.).

* Have breakfast or lunch instead of an evening office party. This can allow employees to include their families in the festivities.

* Have a brunch in a restaurant instead of an on-premise office party. Allow for dancing following the meal.

* Have the employees to donate gifts to a charitable organization and collect these at the party instead of exchanging gifts.

* Try an indoor carnival with proceeds going to a charity.

* Plan a volunteer activity with a local charity.

* Have employees display their talent through funny skits and/or musical selections.

* Have the employees decide whether or not they want to have a party or donate the money that would be used for the party to a charitable organization instead.

* If there is an evening party planned and alcohol is served, make sure that arrangements are made for taxis to take people home or arrange a designated driver system.

* Make sure there is enough help for the party. If catered, determine what assistance will be needed.

* Make sure there are plenty of alternative, non-alcoholic beverages available.

* Because remembering guests and spouses names is difficult, festive nametags should be provided to help reduce the faux pas of forgetting names.

* If the party is being held in a non-smoking building, make sure to make accommodations for smokers.

* Consider making two punch bowls, one with alcohol and one without alcohol. Keep the non-alcohol bowl constantly full.

* Have a potluck party making a sign-up list of what is needed to prevent duplications.

Above all else, HAVE FUN!



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