Catering Checklist

Use the following checklist to assist in your meeting with your Catering Service

         What is the estimated attendance?

      What are the table linen color choices?

      Are centerpieces and decorations needed for head and buffet tables?

      How many place settings are required at the head table? Will the head table be on a platform?

      How much time is needed for set up? When does the room need to be accessible?

      Are meals to be served at the head table, or will dignitaries take their places from reserved tables table after the meal?

      If service is buffet style, are head table guests to serve themselves, or are servers to prepare their plates? 

      If service is buffet style, are there enough serving lines to accommodate the number attending in a timely manner?  Beverage stations?

      If meal tickets are to be collected, who will collect them and where, at the door or at the table? (Provide the caterer with a sample.)

      How are late arrivals without tickets to be handled?

      Are tickets required for head table guests?

      Is a registration or supply table needed outside the function room? Is an award table needed behind the head table?

      Are programs or menus to be placed on tables or chairs or distributed at the door?

      If changes are needed to the room set-up, arrival, or departure timedid you remember to contact the Union Reservations and Events Planning Coordinator to update or request changes?

      Must special arrangements be made for guests with dietary restrictions?


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