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Seating...where do you start??!

It can be a real problem! But stay cool and stay organized. I know, I know. You donít know who to put where, whoís talking to whom, your guests respond positively and then decide, "oops, canít go!" and cancel. Then others wait until the last minute, or said "no" and changed their minds.

So here is a trusty guide to help with your seating.

Now remember to consider the size of the tables:

  • 36" table seats 4 or less
  • 48" table seats 6-8 (6 comfortably)
  • 60" table seats 8-10 (8 very comfortably, but most people do put 10 at these; fewer centerpieces after all!)
  • 72" table seats 10-12 (10 very comfortably)


The next question is...whatís considered a good table location? Forget it. Donít make yourself crazy. There is no way youíll keep everyone happy.

Some people think sitting on top of the DJ/Band is the worst! Others think sitting on top of the DJ/Band means you have the best seats in the house. So why worry? No one will be happy anyway!  However you may consider placing your older guest a little further away from the DJ/Band

One other thing. If you are assigning table numbers, you must get this information to your calligrapher (if she is doing the seating cards) in plenty of time. (Ask her what her lead time is). As well, remember...there will always be changes. Again, ask your calligrapher how she wants to handle the last minute drop-outs and drop-ins.

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