Bat/Bar Mitzvah


Checklist & Timeline for
your Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Caterer and Venue Location:


Party Planner/Decorator:








Hotel Block:







Secure a videographer & a photographer



Secure your DJ/Entertainer



Meet with your party planner to begin design elements

One year before


Contact hotels and decide where you would like to block rooms

Create a list of out-of-towners that you will invite

Request a block of rooms from hotel or hotels of choice

Eleven months before


Bring the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child to meet with your party planner sometime this month to give input on decorations

Ten months before


Create a guest list with complete addresses

Eight months before


Begin looking at invitations

Decide on wording for invitations

Decide if you would like to make arrangements to transport the kids to and from the party

Seven months before


Order invitations

Decide on calligraphy style for envelopes

Order informals

Order kipots

Begin to plan menu

Six months before


Design concept confirmed

Five months before


Have an invitation weighed at the post office

Choose and purchase postage

Four months before


Take invitations to calligrapher

Meet with your party planner to decide on imprinted accessories/give-aways

Work on second mailing

Discuss valet

Decide if you want to have reception bags in the hotel rooms for out of town guest

Decide on Kids give-aways for events.  Purchase those give-aways.

Three months before


Mail out of town invitations

Mail in town invitations

Two months before


Mail second mailing to out-of-towners

Six weeks before


Finalize welcome bag order

Four weeks before


Discuss Introductions and Music Needs with DJ/Entertainer




Your party planner will work with caterer on a floor plan and help you with the agenda for the evening

Three weeks before


Order any necessary kosher dinners

Two Tuesdays before


Assign tables

Personalize welcome bags if desired

Two Wednesdays before


Finalize seating as best you can

Weekend before


Fax list of table assignments to your party planner for seating cards

Monday before


Gift bags delivered to hotels by your party planner

Day before




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